The Premier Organic Roll-On Bug Repellent from Signal Mountain, Tennessee

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Go Bug Go!

​Signal Mountain, Tennessee's premier organic insect repellent in a 10 ml roller-ball. Safe for kids, pets, livestock and the entire family. DEET-free and non-toxic.

Active ingredients include lemongrass, geranium and neem organic essential oils – stuff bugs don't like.

Ticks, mosquitos, black flies, biting gnats, no-see-ums and more are all repelled! Go Bug Go!

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'My Go Bug Go! arrived this weekend – trial runs, working in the yard and sitting outside during these very warm nights, have gone great! No bites so far and I am delighted. Thank you for creating this!' ​~ Marianne

'We survived the wilderness of Whidbey Island and only had one mosquito bite on my husband's neck when he forgot to put on your magic bug juice one day. Quite wonderful!' ​~ Gillian

'We tried it outside tonight for the first time and so far it's a hit! I love to sit outside at night but it never lasts because im immediately eaten up. Not ONE bite tonight and it's been over 2 hours!' ​~ Tanya

‘I got to try out my new Go Bug Go! insect repellent tonight by the fire. No bites!' ~ Susan

‘We were so excited when they arrived that we tore into the package. We applied it all over and went for an evening walk into the very buggy Woodland Park – and NO BITES! (We walk almost daily, and I am a mosquito MAGNET!!)’ ​~ Shelley

'Go Bug Go! is fantastic! My daughter and I are mosquito magnets. We were fortunate to try this last summer. Camping trip #1: no Go Bug Go! = so many painful bites (that turned into welts!). Camping trip #2: took our Go Bug Go! = happy campers! (No bites - at all!).' ​~ Katy

'Michael swears by this stuff!' ~ Sylvia


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