Why do I need to shake it before I apply Go Bug Go!?
Good question. Due to the nature of organic oils, their density's differ. Shaking mixes the product so you get maximum protection when applying it. ​

Is it ok to leave in my car?
Nope. Go Bug Go! is made from an essential oil blend, and just like all essential oils, they can go bad if exposed to extreme heat. A purse, backpack or satchel is fine or apply at home before you go out. 

Roller-ball applicator?
This is definitely different than traditional sprays that send much of the product into the air instead of where you need bug protection. The roller-ball applicator allows you to gently glide the product over your skin on areas to protect. You can then leave it and get on with your adventure, gardening, mowing or any outside activity. Also, once applied, you can spread it around with your hand.

How much should I apply?
The choice is really yours as each person has a different level of bug magnetism. Try it out minimally and if you still have some bugs bugging you add a bit more next time. 

This doesn’t smell like bug repellent.
Yep, you’re absolutely right. Go Bug Go! is made from essential oils that not only repel a variety of bugs, but it also smells great due to the lemongrass and geranium oils. A bouquet for your skin (and nose).  ​

Does the bug in your logo have a name?
Absolutely! His name is Charlie. 

How can Go Bug Go! become available at my local store?
We do have a retailer program. Pass along our website information or our email ([email protected]) to your local store manager and have them reach out. We’re always looking to get Go Bug Go! out where it’s needed.