Retailer Fact Sheet

Overview Signal Mountain, Tennessee’s premier organic insect repellent in a roller-ball. Safe for kids, pets, livestock and the entire family. DEET-free and non-toxic. Repels ticks, mosquitos, black flies, biting gnats, no-see-ums and more.

Key Points
    • Organic, DEET-free and non-toxic essential oil blend
    • Rollerball eliminates spray waste and nozzle clogging
    • Smells great, not a typical bug repellent scent
    • Convenient size

Product Information
    • Active ingredients: Organic lemongrass oil, organic geranium oil, organic neem oil
    • Inactive ingredients: Organic castor oil, spring water

    • Retail - $4.99 for a 10ml amber glass bottle with stainless steel rollerball
    • Wholesale - $3.49 each for a 24 case

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